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If an unmarried couple with both names on the title to the house and only one name on the mortgage can the mortgage – Answered by a verified Real Estate Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

The extra tax savings from the mortgage interest deduction can be the difference between being able to afford to own a home and being stuck renting. You have to give up your standard deduction to claim mortgage interest because it’s an itemized deduction. If you share a mortgage with someone who isn’t your spouse, you.

This video explains that unmarried couples are allowed to borrower money together for a home mortgage and how the process works.. Can unmarried couples buy a home and get a mortgage together?

One approach is to divide the net proceeds by each partner’s contribution to the equity in the house when it is sold. Suppose, for example, that the partners pay $100,000 for a house, take a mortgage of $80,000, pay $20,000 down plus $3000 in settlement costs, and sell it after 5 years when the loan balance is $74,000.

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My partner and I jointly own and home and have a shared mortgage which we pay from a joint account we both contribute to. Is it possible/legal for the Unmarried couples and mortgage interest deduction (property tax, credit, financial, property) – Mortgages -Lenders, loans, financing, rates, foreclosures, short-sales, brokers, credit score, deed.

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