Ilhan Omar’s Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful?

So much so that the New York Times has this headline today: "Ilhan Omar’s Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful?" Let’s pause to recall what actually happened, as detailed here.

Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. the Democratic leadership said that legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies and its treatment of Palestinians is protected by free speech, but Omar’s use of “anti-Semitic.

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The Times ardently defended representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) against charges of anti-Semitism, even suggesting that her anti-Semitic attribution of American support for Israel to Jewish money was an important consciousness-raising exercise. Their headline: "Ilhan Omar’s Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful?"

JTA – Jewish leaders in the Twin Cities were worried that Ilhan Omar had repeated. In two tweets on Sunday evening, Omar suggested that money motivates US politicians’ support for Israel. Then she.

Ilhan Omar tweeted a response to Glenn. explicitly condemning Omar’s remarks. Omar soon followed with her own statement, expressing regret that her criticism of lobbyists had invoked anti-Semitic.

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Ilhan Omar’s Criticism Raises the Question. By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. March 8, 2019. Donate. Is Aipac Too Powerful? Tags: Email Lew. Utah teacher forced student to wash off Trump Requests ‘More’ Foreign Workers. Political Theatre. Sir Roger Scruton;

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Ilhan Omar’s Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful? Posted by admin. Date: March 04, Aipac instructs its volunteers never to bring up politics or donations in lobbying meetings. But Mr. Baird, the retired House member, said it was "a fairly common experience" for three.

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But the swirling debate not only around Ms. Omar but also around broader currents buffeting the Middle East has forced an uncomfortable re-examination of the questions that she has raised: Has Aipac – founded more than 50 years ago to "strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship" – become too powerful? And with that power, has Aipac warped the policy debate over Israel so drastically that dissenting voices are not even allowed to be heard?

Ilhan Omar’s Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful? New York Times March 6, 2019 WASHINGTON – When Representative Ilhan Omar landed a coveted seat on the house foreign affairs Committee, Stephen Fiske began working the phones to Capitol Hill. Alarmed by messaging that he saw as anti-Semitic and by Ms. Omar’s support for the boycott-Israel movement, Mr. Fiske, a longtime.

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