The Rabid Main Stream Media Hatred of Trump Supporters

The globalists control the mainstream media, they control Hollywood, they control our education system and they control most of our politicians. They thought that they were almost ready to move into the final stages of their agenda, but then Donald Trump happened. For the moment, the momentum toward a one world system has been stopped cold.

Do these folks love trump precisely because of his nihilism?. voters, and social media that has placed Trumpism in the mainstream of American politics:.. A Green New Deal Co-Author on the Rapid Evolution of Climate Policy By.. NBC/ WSJ poll: A record share of voters dislike Trump personally, but.

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I think "hate" is a bit strong. The new media has been so corrupt for so long people just think it is natural and bake it into their judgments. It is not the 92% negative reporting that is necessarily bothersome but it is the out right lying to ch.

Why the Media Hate Trump;. While Murdoch’s attack on Trump is getting media attention, Support AIM at Amazon. Accuracy In Media Inc 2018 by Accuracy in Media. All Right Reserved.

From Charlottesville to Hurricane Irma, the liberal media are determined to leverage the tragedy of the day to inflame the American people against President Trump. In Irma’s wake, CNN decided to.

Poll: Trump trails Biden and Bernie in Florida Trump trails former Vice President Joe Biden 53-41.. Trump trails vermont senator bernie sanders by 12 points and California Senator.. When he was working as a U.S. attorney in Florida in 2008, Acosta negotiated a plea.

CBS’ Face the Nation contributor Frank Luntz gathered a focus group of rabid Donald Trump supporters to find out just what’s driving them to vote for him, and came to the conclusion that if.

Rob Reiner has declared that all supporters of president donald trump are racist, claiming that Trump has made it "abundantly clear" his re-election [campaign] is based on white nationalism.. Posting on his Twitter feed, which is almost entirely dedicated to attacking Trump and the current administration, Reiner explained that voting for Trump means there is no distinction between "being.

Trump supporters who believe their candidate is the anti-establishment destroyer of media are being conned, and the con is being perpetrated by the people they hate. t a rabid anti-media crowd.

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