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 · Is My Credit Checked Before Closing.. A “hard” credit check may take place if your existing credit report is set to expire before closing. Different than a soft credit check, the mortgage company will order a new credit report and the terms of your mortgage will be impacted by what the new report discloses, including any changes to your.

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A hard inquiry typically involves the creditor pulling a complete copy of your credit report, including your credit score. A hard inquiry shows the name of the company that pulled the report. A soft inquiry is when a lender pulls your credit score or accesses limited information rather than your entire credit report.

Credit inquiries are only about 10 percent of your FICO score, but can sometimes result in dinging your score enough to knock you out of the.

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 · A hard inquiry is typically recorded on your credit report whenever a lender reviews your credit when you apply for a credit card, loan or mortgage. However, if you apply to rent an apartment or apply for a job and there’s a subsequent credit check, these may be counted as hard inquiries, depending on who’s checking your credit.

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